Overview of the presentations

Römisches Kastell Even before my retirement, and even more so afterwards, I paid my attention to some sections of German history. This resulted in a series of presentations on various topics, which have already been presented several times in the context of homeland and history associations as well as the adult education centre VHS. They last between one hour and one and a half hours and are dynamically structured. The latter means that processes such as territorial changes are represented in their temporal connection.
The PowerPoint performances cover topics from German history that are not so much noticed, such as Germanics or Celts in Germany, migrations as well as the formative years after the 2nd World War. Some of them contain a quiz whose questions and answers convey information and connections in an entertaining way.

The presentations give a vivid insight into the past. These were historically turbulent times in the centre of Europe, but they are only partially known. The developments in both German and European history continue to have an impact to the present day.
Keltische Figur

The titles of the presentations are listed below and can be accessed by clicking on them.